Yammer: Bulk Community Member Import for Viva Engage GA

Yammer: Bulk Community Member Import for Viva Engage GA

If you're managing a Viva Engage community, you'll be pleased to know that a new feature is being introduced that will make your job a lot easier. With this new feature, community managers can import bulk members to their communities using a CSV file. This is particularly useful for larger organizations where efficiency is key. With the ability to add up to 20,000 members, this feature will allow community managers to establish their community membership, migrate from another platform, or bring over members from another community. The feature is expected to begin rolling out in late May 2023 and will be fully rolled out by early June 2023, with no drastic impact to organizations. Community managers can access the feature through the right member panel of their community.

Overall, the Bulk Community Member Import for Viva Engage GA is a significant enhancement, freeing up more time for community managers to focus on other important tasks, and allowing them to efficiently build and manage their communities.

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