Access the Office add-ins from the Home tab and File Menu

Access the Office add-ins from the Home tab and File Menu

Good news for Office users, Microsoft is making it easier to access the Office add-ins by moving the "get add-in" button from the Insert tab to the Home tab. This change will be applied to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams. Furthermore, a new square icon symbolizing the extensibility ecosystem's consistency across M365 services will replace the current hexagon icon.

This change, however, won't affect tenants or administrators, and all previous store disabling settings will be maintained. The rollout for this change is set to begin in late December 2022 and finish by mid-March 2023 in Preview. The standard rollout will begin in early April 2023 and finish by late December 2023 without the need for any user preparation.

This change will make it easier for users to find and access over 2000 add-ins, providing them with a range of services such as translation, bibliography, templates, graphing tools, multimedia content, interactive components, finance, and legal tools.

If you use Word, Excel, or PowerPoint on Online, Win32, or Mac endpoints, you need to access the add-in store via the Home Tab instead of the previous Insert Tab. But, overall it is a convenient change that aims to enhance user experience.

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