{How to} Anywhere365 WebAgent Integration with Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Microsoft Teams

{How to} Anywhere365 WebAgent Integration with Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Microsoft Teams

If you're looking to integrate Anywhere365 WebAgent with Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Microsoft Teams, this tutorial is for you.

Anywhere365 WebAgent serves as a vital tool for contact center agents and knowledge workers. It provides a unified view of customer interactions, making it easier for agents to handle queries and deliver exceptional service. With native integration options for Microsoft Skype for Business, Teams, and WebRTC, Anywhere365 is a third-party product suitable for integration with Dynamics 365 Customer Service + Microsoft Teams.

Efficiently managing customer interactions is critical for contact centers, WebAgent empowers agents by streamlining workflows, providing context-rich information, enabling collaboration with colleagues, and enhancing overall customer experience. However, to configure the environment, the user must have Anywhere365 License assigned, Microsoft 365 Global Administrator role, and Dynamics 365 Customer Service System Administrator role.

You can find the user guide for Anywhere365 WebAgent integration with Dynamics 365 here, and the user guide for Anywhere365 integration with Microsoft Teams here.

With Anywhere365 WebAgent, your agents can handle customer inquiries with ease, whether they're working remotely or in a traditional office setting. So, if you're aiming towards setting up Anywhere365 with Dynamics 365 + Microsoft Teams, it's time to dive into the details of the integration process.

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