{Do you know} Forecast case volumes daily and a 15 minute intervals in Dynamics 365 Customer Service

{Do you know} Forecast case volumes daily and a 15 minute intervals in Dynamics 365 Customer Service

This post is all about forecasting case volumes on a daily and 15-minute interval basis in Dynamics 365 Customer Service. The author emphasizes the importance of having an adequate customer service team to resolve cases in a timely manner. Overcapacity results in higher costs, while undercapacity results in longer waiting times, adversely affecting customer satisfaction. Therefore, having precise forecasting tools is essential.

The post describes how forecasting capabilities such as visualizing anticipated volumes on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, and slicing forecasted volumes by channels and queues are available. There are also seasonality detections that help predict case volumes accurately during special events.

Moreover, the post says that customer service managers can now forecast case volumes at 15-minute intervals, allowing for more precise agent planning and scheduling.

Overall, this post provides valuable insights for those looking to optimize their Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

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