{Omnichannel} Automatically pause, resume call recording and transcription

{Omnichannel} Automatically pause, resume call recording and transcription

This post delves into an interesting preview feature within Omnichannel that facilitates the automatic pausing and resuming of call recording and transcription. When a customer service agent manually puts a customer on hold, the recording and transcription will be automatically paused, ensuring that any conversations during this time are not captured. When the customer is taken off hold, the call resumes automatically. It's worth noting that this feature must be set per channel at the workstream level, and it's not enabled by default. Overall, this is a useful feature that helps streamline the transcription process by eliminating unnecessary information.

So if you're looking for ways to make your Omnichannel experience more efficient, this preview feature is definitely worth exploring.

Author: Malla Reddy Gurram

Twitter: @UK365GUY

Hashtag: #365blogpostsin365days

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