How to use Multistep Forms in Power Pages

How to use Multistep Forms in Power Pages

If you're looking to capture information from users on a Power Pages site, multistep forms are the way to go. In this post, we'll explore how to utilize multistep forms and the many capabilities it brings to the table.

Let's take the example of asking a new contact to enter information about themselves on a Power Pages site. We'll start with one step and one table and gradually build from there. With multistep forms, you can add new tables, customize the UI, and add conditional logic to make the form as user-friendly as possible.

Whether you're a website owner looking to make your contact forms more user-friendly or a developer looking to streamline your Power Pages apps, multistep forms are definitely worth exploring. Check out the link for more detailed instructions on how to leverage this powerful tool and enhance the Power Pages experience for your users.

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