Intune moving to support Android 10 and later for user-based management methods in October 2024

Intune moving to support Android 10 and later for user-based management methods in October 2024

Intune has announced that in October 2024, it will start supporting Android 10 and later versions for user-based management methods such as Android Enterprise, App protection policies (APP), and more. The plan is to phase out support for one or two versions annually in October until only the latest four major versions of Android are supported.

Userless methods of Android device management (Dedicated and AOSP userless) and Microsoft Teams certified Android devices will remain unaffected by this change. However, for user-based management methods, devices running Android 9 or earlier will no longer be supported, meaning Intune will not provide technical support or address bugs or issues. New and existing features are also not guaranteed to work.

To prepare for this change, it's important to notify your helpdesk, configure a conditional launch setting for APP, use a device compliance policy, and set enrollment restrictions to prevent enrollment on devices running older Android OS versions. You can learn more about these admin options in the blog post linked in the source.

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