Viva Connections | Regional Announcements for Frontline Workers

Viva Connections | Regional Announcements for Frontline Workers

Microsoft Viva has announced a new feature that will allow regional managers to send targeted messages to frontline workers based on location, job code, and department. The rollout for this feature will begin in early May 2024 and end in early June 2024. To take advantage of this feature, organizations must set up Hierarchy and DTAS on Teams and enable regional filtering in Viva Connections. With this new feature, regional operations managers can send targeted announcements based on additional attributes to frontline workers on a time-sensitive basis. By setting up the Hierarchy and DTAS configuration on Teams, organizations will be able to customize their communications and send relevant messages to their employees. It is recommended that organizations share information about this upcoming feature with their corporate communicators, frontline managers, and admins, so they can effectively use this feature. To learn more about this feature, visit the Microsoft Learn website.

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