AI and Power Platform Part-1 - AI with Power BI

AI and Power Platform Part-1 - AI with Power BI

In this blog series, the author explores the infusion of AI in the Microsoft Power Platform and its business outcome benefits. The first post of the series focuses on AI with Power BI, the 'de facto' visualization tool for data with Microsoft, and explores its built-in AI capabilities that can be used easily, without writing any code. Some of the AI capabilities available in Power BI include Key Influencers, Decomposition Tree, and Anomaly Detection. Key Influencers helps identify the key contributors affecting a particular business result, Decomposition Tree helps in root cause analysis using AI splits, and Anomaly Detection helps auto-detect anomalies in data and generates dynamic text summaries. Additionally, Power BI has other AI options such as Q&A and Insights which provide great benefits to users. The author suggests that these AI capabilities play an important role in crafting effective data-driven stories and generating business insights.

Overall, this blog series can be helpful for those looking to enhance their understanding of AI and its applications in Microsoft Power Platform and business scenarios.

The post originally appeared on 365WithoutCode.

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365 without code - A Power Platform D365 blog
365 without code - A Power Platform D365 blog

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