AI and Power Platform Part-1 - AI with Power BI

AI and Power Platform Part-1 - AI with Power BI

In today's world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has significantly impacted various business applications, and Microsoft business apps like Dynamics 365 and Power Platform are no different. This blog series delves into how AI has been infused into the Microsoft Power Platform and the various business benefits that can be derived from it. This first article focuses on AI within Power BI.

Power BI is a popular data visualization tool that enables analytics to be performed with ease. It has become the preferred tool for data visualization within Microsoft. Moreover, it comes with built-in AI capabilities that can be leveraged without having to write any code.

Some of Power BI's AI functionalities include key influencers, decomposition tree, and anomaly detection, among others. With key influencers, patterns and key drivers can be identified in a business result. The Decomposition Tree uses AI splits to drill down into data to identify possible reasons for an outcome. Anomaly Detection provides automatic detection of deviations in data and generates plain English explanations for identified anomalies. Additionally, Power BI has several other AI options such as insights and Q&A, which provide great benefits to users.

AI within Power BI can be used to make better decisions by providing well-visualized insights and predictive analysis of data, leading to improved performance and increased competitive advantage.

Overall, this article provides an excellent starting point for AI in Power BI, and we highly recommend delving deeper into the subject.

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