Workflow or Flow not triggering for all records?

Workflow or Flow not triggering for all records?

In this post, the author discusses an issue faced by a community member where a workflow or flow was not triggering for all records, even though the condition was satisfied. The member was under the impression that the workflow was triggering for new records, but not for updates to old records. The author states that the culprit was the scope of the workflow and the owner of existing records not being under the radar.

The post explains that normally, workflows have an Organization scope, which triggers globally for all records, however, if it is scoped for user or BU, then only the workflow owner or same BU records can trigger the workflow. The same is true for Power Automate Flows. The author advises readers to expand their analytical and problem-solving skills by visiting forums and answering questions.

The post provides visual aids to help illustrate the issue, making it easy for readers to understand and apply the given solution to their own workflows.

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Arun Vinoth @ Dynamics
Arun Vinoth @ Dynamics

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