Feature taken out - Breadcrumbs

Feature taken out - Breadcrumbs

Microsoft has removed the Breadcrumbs feature, which was previously present in Dynamics and heavily used by business users. According to release notes, this was done to align with Office header styling and make way for the upcoming app search box in the header. Back buttons were introduced in the main page types of Form, View, and Dashboard to support this change. However, navigating back to a grand parent from a child or grand child record can still be tedious and require multiple clicks. The real estate needed for the global search experience that replaces Breadcrumbs in this space is also critical. To mitigate the feature removal, businesses can choose to develop the Breadcrumb feature and keep it inside the entity form using web resource or PCF control. This post also raises the question of how to handle situations where heavily trained users are impacted by retiring features and what can be done to find alternative solutions in a timely manner.

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Arun Vinoth @ Dynamics
Arun Vinoth @ Dynamics

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