Update to only show site results at a tenant root site when in the “site search” scope

Update to only show site results at a tenant root site when in the “site search” scope

SharePoint Online has announced that starting from early April 2024, site results from the tenant root site will only be visible when in the "site search" scope. However, this update will not affect the search experience if the root site is set as a hub, configured to show hub or tenant-wide results by default, or set as a Viva Connections home site. To continue retrieving all results when searching from the root site, the default search scope at the root site needs to be configured to show tenant-wide results. After this update, a tenant root site configured to show site results will only display results from the root site and its sub-sites, rather than all sites in the geography in the tenant. This change will take place in early April 2024 and will be completed by early May 2024. To prepare for this update, ensure to follow the steps in "Changing the scope of search" if the root site is set as a hub or configured to show hub or tenant-wide results by default.

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