Microsoft Teams: Town halls in Government Community Cloud (GCC)

Microsoft Teams: Town halls in Government Community Cloud (GCC)

Microsoft Teams is introducing new capabilities for hosting Town halls in the Government Community Cloud (GCC), allowing for large-scale events to be hosted across an organization. These capabilities include a meeting template, support for up to 10,000 attendees, third-party eCDN support, a green room, the ability to manage what attendees see, moderated Q&A, RTMP-in, live translated captions and more. With these features, users can now conveniently set up and host webinars and meetings using Town hall within the Teams app, making it easier to communicate and engage with large audiences. This feature is scheduled for general availability in July CY2024 and is available on Mac Cloud Instance GCC.

For those in the Government Community Cloud, this new capability provides greater accessibility and ease of use when it comes to hosting large-scale events. Whether it is for internal communication, sharing updates with stakeholders or reaching out to a wider audience, Town halls in Microsoft Teams can effectively meet the needs of the organization.

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