TLS server authentication: Deprecation of weak RSA certificates

TLS server authentication: Deprecation of weak RSA certificates

If you're currently using weak RSA certificates for TLS server authentication, it's time to upgrade. Future Windows OS releases later this year will deprecate weak RSA certificates, meaning that shorter keys than 2048 bits in length will no longer be allowed. This move will enhance security standards in compliance with the latest internet standards and regulatory bodies. It's recommended to switch to either 2048 bits length RSA certificates or smaller and faster ECDSA certificates. While support for the RSA algorithm itself won't be affected, continued use of weak RSA certificates poses a security threat, given the advancement of computing power and cryptanalysis techniques. The move to deprecate weak RSA certificates is part of a long-standing advisory that dates back to 2012.

To prepare for these changes, organizations are recommended to implement longer, stronger keys for their TLS server authentication certificates. By upgrading to more robust encryption solutions, data can be better protected in compliance with today's security standards.

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