Automation features in D365 CRM

Automation features in D365 CRM

Automation is a crucial aspect of modern-day CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM offers a suite of automation features to get the job done efficiently. The types of Processes in Dynamics 365 are designed with automation in mind and encompass a wide range of functions to make your work quicker and easier.

Business Rules are perfect for quick and simple form level or entity level automations. They help to avoid the use of JavaScripts for form-level customizations. On the other hand, Business Process Flows are designed to guide or restrict users to a specific set of steps/tasks for a business process across entities, making it easier to manage workflows. Cloud Flow or Modern Flow, a replacement for workflows, plugins, and other traditional automation options, brings flexibility and speed in the automation process. Desktop Flow is another valuable tool for robotic process automation or RPA, along with other automation options.

Workflow, a tightly coupled inbuilt automation option for D365 CRM, is preferred as a traditional way to perform various types of automation. Action, while it can be treated as part of Workflow, can be called from other automation as a child step. The deprecated Dialog feature is no longer there for interactions similar to Action. Plugins come in handy when you need to develop complex and extensive automation or feature in D365. JavaScripts can be added in form components and events as web resources in D365.

For automation, it's best to start with Business Rules, Business Process Flows, and Modern Flows as they meet most requirements. Plugins and JavaScripts can be used only when the inbuilt processes are not sufficient for the purpose. A low code/no code approach is always a preferable option for customization and development.

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