Templating language for Power Apps Portal

Templating language for Power Apps Portal

If you're looking to expand your knowledge about customizing and optimizing the Power Apps Portal, you need to explore the potential of the templating language called Liquid. This powerful tool can be instrumental in creating custom functionality tailored to meet the specific needs of your portal.

Through Liquid, you can develop dynamic portal pages that can automate a variety of tasks, ensuring that the portal functions more efficiently. This podcast episode gives you an introduction to Liquid and offers some insights into how it can help you take your Power Apps Portal customization efforts to the next level.

Whether you're a seasoned developer or someone who's just getting started with Power Apps Portal, this podcast is packed with practical advice and tips to help you unlock the full potential of this powerful tool.

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Microsoft Business Solutions
Microsoft Business Solutions

This podcast is for the users (including implementers, admins, and owners) of Microsoft business solutions like Dynamics 365 (D365) and Power Platform. You can stay tuned to the community, and what is going on in and around it by following this podcast and/or joining our group "Dynamics 365 User Community" on LinkedIn - http://bit.ly/3bGCB2S Disclaimer: Please note that this is not in a corporate or association framework, so all the contents here, are going to be based only on the community interest and need and cannot have any bearing on the individual or representative on the decision.

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