New Message Reaction Feature for Microsoft Teams right-click menu | M365 Admin

New Message Reaction Feature for Microsoft Teams right-click menu | M365 Admin

Microsoft Teams is about to roll out a new feature that will allow users to react to messages directly from the right-click menu. This feature is set to be released in late April 2024, with a Public Preview, and will be available in Teams for web and desktop. No admin action is required for this update. Users will be able to right-click any message and react to it directly from the right-click menu to give them another way to react to messages. After this rollout, all messages where the right-click menu was present before rollout will have the new reactions, but users could still choose the old way to react to a message by hovering the cursor over the message. This update aims to provide users with more options when organizing their messages in Microsoft Teams.

If you're an admin, you don't need to do anything as the rollout will happen automatically by the specified date. However, you may want to update your users about the change and update any relevant documentation as necessary.

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