Teams Classic Client to be Replaced | Microsoft Blocks Access in 2025

Teams Classic Client to be Replaced | Microsoft Blocks Access in 2025

Microsoft is phasing out the Teams classic client and replacing it with the Teams 2.1 client. Access to the Teams classic client will be blocked for users running the app on unsupported platforms by October 2024, and for all users by July 2025. It seems the migration to the new client is progressing smoothly, so the loss of the old client may not be missed by many.

To clarify, the Teams classic client has already been replaced by the Teams 2.1 client, and Microsoft is gradually phasing out access to the old client over the next few years. The transition appears to be going smoothly, so users likely won't experience much disruption.

For more information, visit the link: https://office365itpros.com/2024/04/29/teams-classic-client-slips-away/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=teams-classic-client-slips-away

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