Updated Files On-Demand Settings on Windows

Updated Files On-Demand Settings on Windows

If you use OneDrive sync app advanced settings for Files On-Demand on Windows, you will want to take note of the recent changes. Previously, there was a toggle to allow users to opt-out of Files On-Demand, but that toggle option has been removed. Users will now see two buttons: "Download files as you open them" and "Download all files now." This change only affects users who have Files On-Demand enabled, not those who have disabled it from OneDrive settings or admin policy. The default and recommended behavior is to download files from the cloud as they are opened, with new files being online-only and files created on the device being available offline. However, the user can choose the option to "Always keep on this device" from the context menu in File Explorer if they want the file to be downloaded and use up disk space. The "Download all files now" button is equivalent to choosing the "Always keep on this device" option for the entire OneDrive folder, and it downloads all files from the cloud, taking up disk space on the device. This setting is similar to turning off Files On-Demand mode, but with updated icons. The update is expected to roll out by late February, affecting only users who have Files On-Demand enabled. Users who don't have this feature will not be affected.

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