Microsoft Forms: Polls in Teams Meetings for GCC High

Microsoft Forms: Polls in Teams Meetings for GCC High

The latest tool to make your Teams Meetings more engaging and productive is Polls, built by Forms. This feature streamlines the polling experience by allowing meeting presenters to prepare, launch, and evaluate polls before, during, and after meetings all from one place under a tab in the Teams meeting. The Polls feature is now available on the Web Cloud Instance GCC High platform, providing an easily discoverable and seamless experience to conduct more engaging and productive meetings. This feature was released in July CY2024 and can be found under Roadmap ID 400387.

Stay ahead of the curve and increase engagement in your Teams Meetings by taking advantage of the new Polls feature available for GCC High. To learn more about this feature, you can visit the Microsoft 365 Roadmap and refer to Roadmap ID 400387.

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