Announcing Managed Environments for Microsoft Power Platform

Announcing Managed Environments for Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform users, rejoice! Managed Environments are now available in public clouds, bringing with them enhanced governance capabilities that simplify, automate, and streamline IT administration of the Power Platform at scale. The rollout of these enhancements began recently and will continue over the next few weeks, with Managed Environments immediately available in certain regions. These environments empower admins to leverage the latest in security, compliance, and governance features, including easy activation, weekly adoption insights, sharing controls, and data policy enforcement.

Additionally, this update requires all users running apps or flows in a Managed Environment to have a standalone Power Apps or Power Automate license. Licensing reports will be available in preview soon, allowing admins to manage licenses efficiently by identifying which environments require license attention and reviewing license usage in managed settings.

Users looking to activate Managed Environments can take advantage of Microsoft's product documentation and blog updates to learn more about the benefits and activation process. With Managed Environments, IT governance just got easier!

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