Planned Maintenance: Windows Autopatch configuration update – September 2023

Planned Maintenance: Windows Autopatch configuration update – September 2023

Heads up! If you're using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), you're in for an update. The next version of the Windows Autopatch baseline (version 2309) will be deployed to your organization. This update will happen between October 9th, 2023, and late October 2023, depending on your deployment ring (Test, First, Fast, or Broad).

The update includes improved Modern Workplace - Autopatch Client Setup scripts and enhancements to how Windows Update configurations are validated, which would affect the Microsoft Managed Desktop service. Note that if you've modified the target version of Windows Autopatch's feature update policies, your changes will be overwritten by this update.

You don't need to do anything to prepare for this update. If you do have any questions or need assistance, file a service request through the Support section in the Microsoft Intune admin center. Keep track of the deployment status in the same center, as there are strict timelines for each deployment ring.

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