Configuration Change – Update Allow List

Configuration Change – Update Allow List

Windows Autopatch customers who have configured network restrictions must act fast and add the new domain name (hm-iot-in-4-prod-prna01.azure-devices.net) to their allow list to continue enjoying the service. To get the instructions on adding the domain to the firewall, check the "Network requirements" link. According to Windows Autopatch, all customers with configured network restrictions would need to include the new domain name in their allow list. This requirement took effect immediately. Failure to comply with this directive would prevent the affected customers from using the service. To prepare, Autopatch customers should get the 'Modern Workplace – Autopatch Client Setup' script that installs the client components necessary for accessing the Windows Autopatch service. Additionally, the service relies on the Windows 365 Cloud-based service to operate. Thus, Autopatch has added a new domain (hm-iot-in-4-prod-prna01.azure-devices.net (443 & 5671 outbound)) to the registration endpoint list. People can check the complete endpoint list in the Network requirements link provided.

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Stay ahead of the curve by reading more about this configuration update on this link - Configuration Change - Update Allow List

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