Microsoft SharePoint eSignature: Coming soon to Canada, UK, and selected European countries

Microsoft SharePoint eSignature: Coming soon to Canada, UK, and selected European countries

Microsoft SharePoint is expanding its eSignature service to the UK, Canada, and select European countries. The service allows users to request eSignatures on PDFs via SharePoint online, with signed documents saved securely back to SharePoint. The rollout will take place between mid-August and the end of September 2024. Previously, users had to rely on third-party plugins for eSignatures in SharePoint, but with this rollout, users in the supported regions will be able to configure and use SharePoint eSignature directly. Those with SharePoint Premium configured prior to the rollout will need to turn on the service, but those signing up for SharePoint Premium after the rollout will have the feature enabled by default, with the option to disable it. Reference links are provided for those looking to set up or learn more about SharePoint eSignature.

Stay informed and keep an eye out for the rollout of this new feature.

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