SharePoint: Adobe Acrobat Sign Integration with SharePoint eSignature

SharePoint: Adobe Acrobat Sign Integration with SharePoint eSignature

If you're a SharePoint user and an Adobe Acrobat sign customer, you'll be thrilled to know that you can initiate eSignatures directly from PDF documents without relying on third-party eSignature platforms. With this integration, your eSignature requests will be processed by Adobe, and a copy of the signed document will be automatically saved in SharePoint after signing. This integration eliminates the need for manual download or upload of documents when initiating the request or saving signed documents to SharePoint, reducing the risk of potential data leakage. The integration is available on the web cloud instance of SharePoint Syntex, with a release date scheduled for March CY2024.

This feature is a significant win for SharePoint users who seek to minimize the hassle associated with back-and-forth document transfers between SharePoint and third-party eSignature platforms. By reducing the need for manual upload and download, potential data security risks are mitigated, and the entire process becomes more streamlined and efficient.

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