Microsoft Teams: Attach files from Microsoft SharePoint sites in the mobile app

Microsoft Teams: Attach files from Microsoft SharePoint sites in the mobile app

If you use Microsoft Teams on your mobile device, there's a new feature coming that lets you browse, select, and attach files from SharePoint Sites to chats or channel conversations with ease. This feature is part of Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 395375 and will be available from early to late June 2024 without requiring admin configuration.

With this new functionality, users will be able to browse and select multiple files from their SharePoint sites to attach to chat or channel conversations within Microsoft Teams. This addition aims to provide a more efficient and streamlined approach to sharing important files and data between users on the platform.

According to Microsoft, no change or configuration is necessary for administrators, and users will automatically see the option to attach files from SharePoint sites when composing a message in any chat or channel. Simply tap the "+" to open the compose tray, and then tap the paperclip icon to attach files. This new feature is set to enhance your productivity and enhance your SharePoint experience on Microsoft Teams.

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