Disablement of Symmetric keys for Microsoft Entra first-party applications Service Principals

Disablement of Symmetric keys for Microsoft Entra first-party applications Service Principals

In an effort to enhance security, Symmetric keys for Microsoft Entra first-party applications' Service Principals will be disabled. As a result, organizations must replace Symmetric with Asymmetric keys by June 15, 2024, to prevent authentication failures. Using Symmetric keys for authentication involves the client sending a shared key with its request to the security token service, which can be permanently compromised if intercepted. By disabling Symmetric keys authentication, Microsoft aims to improve their first-party applications' security posture and enhance the protection of customer data. After the change is implemented, any client requests that still use Symmetric Keys on their Microsoft first-party Application Service Principals will fail, so current customers need to follow the steps outlined in the link to replace Symmetric with Asymmetric keys.

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