Power Apps Cards vs. Adaptive Cards

Power Apps Cards vs. Adaptive Cards

Power Apps Cards vs. Adaptive Cards - When to Choose Which? This article compares two powerful tools that can enhance the development of your apps and solutions. While Adaptive Cards are a well-known technology to many, Power Apps Cards are a lesser-known player in the market. In this article, Éric Sauvé compares the two, offering an insightful video on each. By exploring their respective features and use cases, Sauvé informs readers on when to choose one technology over the other, giving developers the information they need to make the right choice for their particular use case.

Additionally, readers will find links to learn more about Power Apps Cards and Cards for Power Apps overviews on Microsoft Learn and Microsoft Docs, respectively. Éric Sauvé is a certified Microsoft trainer, MVP, and lead architect. He currently nurtures his passion for the Power Platform and speaks regularly at dynamics conference events.

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Dive in the Power Platform and gain power!
Dive in the Power Platform and gain power!

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