Cards for Power Apps are now solution-aware for easier application lifecycle management (ALM)

Cards for Power Apps are now solution-aware for easier application lifecycle management (ALM)

Power Apps users will be pleased to hear that Cards are now solution-aware, making application lifecycle management (ALM) considerably easier. With this latest update, Power Apps solutions can be easily packaged and exported alongside their respective Cards, ensuring seamless management and deployment across various environments.

The solution-aware functionality of Cards simplifies the process of ALM by making it easier to manage, export, and deploy the application. This means that any changes made to the Cards in any given environment are saved as part of the solution, making it easier to keep track of updates and versioning over time.

Ultimately, this update makes Power Apps significantly more user-friendly, empowering developers to manage their applications with greater ease and sped.

The original blog post is available at https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/cards-for-power-apps-are-now-solution-aware-for-easier-application-lifecycle-management-alm/

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