Adaptive Cards In Teams To Create Shortcuts – Power Automate

Adaptive Cards In Teams To Create Shortcuts – Power Automate

In this tutorial, learn how to use Power Automate to create adaptive cards in Teams and create shortcuts that invite further input from team members. Adaptive cards in Teams serve as a bridge between a Teams message and an underlying Power Automate workflow. By leveraging this feature, you can create "add task" shortcuts that enhance productivity and support collaboration within your team.

Adaptive cards offer a neat way to interact with team messages and advertise business processes. This tutorial uncovers the steps for creating customized adaptive cards that promote greater teamwork and innovation in the workplace. You can watch the full video of the tutorial at the end of the blog post, and download free resources there too.

By the end of this tutorial, you'll be able to utilize adaptive cards to create shortcuts that offer multiple inputs while effectively integrating Power Automate workflows within Teams, thus increasing your team's efficiency and productivity.

Continue reading Adaptive Cards In Teams To Create Shortcuts – Power Automate at Enterprise DNA to take full advantage of this powerful feature in Teams.

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