Cards for Power Apps Power Automate Connector is Generally Available

Cards for Power Apps  Power Automate Connector is Generally Available

The Power Automate Connector for Cards for Power Apps is now generally available, according to the latest announcement. This connector makes it easier than ever to share interactive cards in Teams chat or channel directly from your Power Apps. You can also send these cards to a specific Teams user via a flow, streamlining your communication and collaboration processes in one powerful platform.

The general availability of this connector represents a major milestone in the evolution of Power Apps and Power Automate. Now, users can leverage the full capabilities of these two platforms in tandem, creating custom solutions that meet their unique needs in an efficient and intuitive way.

Whether you're a seasoned Power Apps pro or just exploring the possibilities of this powerful platform, the Power Automate Connector for Cards for Power Apps is a game-changer. So why not explore its capabilities for yourself and see how it can streamline your workflows today?

Check out the link to learn more: https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/cards-for-power-apps-power-automate-connector-is-generally-available/

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