Enhance Azure Connectivity: Share PaaS Instance with Other Tenants | Azure Blog

Enhance Azure Connectivity: Share PaaS Instance with Other Tenants | Azure Blog

This informative article explores the concept of private endpoints (PE) for PaaS instances on Azure, highlighting how they can be used to share a customer's Azure SQL DB with other customers hosted on Azure. The article emphasizes that there is no need to establish site-to-site connectivity, but instead, private endpoints can be created in any region. It goes on to detail how, once approved by the customer whose data is being accessed, a private endpoint can be used to connect to the PaaS DB instance from any VNET within the same tenant, or from a different tenant altogether. The article also highlights the benefits of private endpoints, including their ability to eliminate the need for NAT or complex routing and support conflicting IP addresses.

The article concludes by emphasizing the advantages of leveraging the capabilities of private endpoints to design more complex architectures for PaaS instances on Azure, which can help customers optimize connectivity.

So, if you're looking to enhance Azure connectivity and streamline data-sharing between customers on Azure, this article provides a useful guide on the concept of private endpoints and how to create them.

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