Understanding vWAN routing | Azure Virtual WAN Example

Understanding vWAN routing | Azure Virtual WAN Example

Azure Virtual WAN is a service that provides simplified global transit networking architecture by bringing together various networking, security, and routing functionalities into a single operational interface. The overall architecture of the virtual WAN consists of the Virtual WAN hub, hub virtual network connection, hub-to-hub connectivity, hub route tables, and route tables.

The Virtual WAN hub is a Microsoft-managed virtual network that contains various service endpoints that provide connectivity to site-to-site VPN, ExpressRoute, and point-to-site User VPN. Traffic flows through the virtual hub gateway, eliminating the need for virtual network gateways for VNets.

Azure Virtual WAN enables scaling easily through the virtual hub and the virtual hub gateway. It provides a centralized management service and replaces the transit vNet with the new Virtual WAN Hub construct, which offers increased scale for site-to-site VPN tunnels, a doubling of the overall aggregate VPN throughput, and a mechanism to simplify the overall design and routing architecture. It eliminates the need to configure routing within the spoke vNet itself or establish peering relationships between spoke vNets that need to communicate with each other.

The tutorial includes several routing scenarios, including Any-to-Any and custom isolation in Multihub. These scenarios demonstrate the flexibility and power of Azure Virtual WAN.

Therefore, if you want to understand the core concept and routing of vWAN, this tutorial is the perfect resource for you.

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