Manage Guest Users with Teams Guest Overview | Microsoft MVP Insights

This video is an interview with Microsoft MVP Dan Toft and developer Jeppe Spangaard about Teams Guest Overview, a Teams app built with SharePoint. The app enables users to easily manage and monitor guest users in Teams. Join Garry Trinder as he speaks with the developers to learn more about how the app can simplify guest user management and improve the guest user experience within Teams.

The interview covers various aspects of guest user management, including the challenges faced by organizations that use Teams to collaborate with external users. The developers share insights into how they identified these challenges and developed features to address them. They also discuss how the app can help IT admins ensure compliance with data protection regulations and manage users across multiple Teams and organizations.

Overall, this video provides valuable insights into how Teams Guest Overview can help organizations streamline and optimize their guest user management processes, allowing them to focus on collaboration without any security or compliance concerns.

Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQai6vSmnvU

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