Change to the Teams Live Event Attendee experience for users with guest access

Change to the Teams Live Event Attendee experience for users with guest access

The Teams Live Event Attendee experience has undergone updates to suit the new RTMP-In scenario for Teams, but this has led to an issue that the support for Teams Live Event Attendees with guest access joining through the Web will no longer be viable. This update is scheduled to take place in May and is set to be completed by late May. To join a Teams Live Event as an attendee, users with guest access are advised to use Desktop or Mobile instead. You should inform and advise your users with guest access to follow this recommendation to join as attendees. For more information on guest access in Teams, please see this link.

This information regarding changes to the Teams Live Event Attendee experience was posted on the M365 Admin website, under the Message ID: MC550090.

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