Find Dynamics 365 Data in Outlook using mentions

Find Dynamics 365 Data in Outlook using mentions

In the world of Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365, there's always something new to discover. Recently, a new feature was released that allows you to locate Dynamics 365 data in Outlook using mentions. This feature was released on March 6th and has been in preview, but has now been made available to all users. It's a useful tool that can make it easier to locate data when working in Outlook.

The feature allows you to tag records from Dynamics 365 in Outlook using the "@" symbol, just like you would when mentioning someone in an email or chat. When you do this, the system will automatically generate a list of relevant records that match your search. This feature can save you time and increase productivity, especially when you need to quickly access certain data.

If you're a Dynamics 365 or Microsoft 365 user, this feature is definitely worth exploring. Give it a try and see how it can streamline your workflow!

For more information, check out the original post at https://d365goddess.com/.

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Dynamics 365 Talk – D365 "Taylored" to you!
Dynamics 365 Talk – D365 "Taylored" to you!

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