Outlook: New Outlook for Windows Preview

Outlook: New Outlook for Windows Preview

The new Outlook for Windows is on the horizon, bringing with it a range of exciting features and usability improvements. Customers with access to the classic Outlook for Windows and a Microsoft 365 subscription will be able to try out the preview, which has been available for Insiders since May 2022. With a planned release date of April CY2023, the new Outlook for Windows promises to usher in a new era of productivity and ease of use.

A toggle will be available for users to switch to the new preview, and the current channel release will be available on both desktop and cloud platforms. With its worldwide availability and standard multi-tenant instance, this release aims to satisfy a broad range of user needs and demands.

If you're a Microsoft 365 subscriber and have been patiently waiting for the latest Outlook update, the new Outlook for Windows Preview is the perfect opportunity to experience the updated email client before its official release. Check out the roadmap link and join the preview program to explore the new features and capabilities for yourself.

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