Microsoft 365 app: Tagging for commercial users in the Microsoft 365 app for web and desktop

Microsoft 365 app: Tagging for commercial users in the Microsoft 365 app for web and desktop

The Microsoft 365 app for web and desktop now offers a new and intuitive way for commercial users to organize their work through tagging. This new "Tags" feature can be found in the "My Content" section of the Microsoft 365 App and is exclusive to users who have OneDrive provisioned. With this feature, users can easily organize their work regardless of where files are stored, making file management much more user-friendly.

This feature is currently in the Product Release phase and only available to targeted release users. It is scheduled to be released in September of CY2023 and will be available on both the desktop and cloud instances of Microsoft 365 worldwide. The Roadmap ID for this feature is169216.

If you're a commercial user looking for a more efficient way to manage your work, be sure to keep an eye out for the "Tags" feature in the Microsoft 365 App.

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