Retirement of Office 365 connectors from SharePoint Online Webparts

Retirement of Office 365 connectors from SharePoint Online Webparts

Attention SharePoint Online Webparts users: the retirement of Office 365 connectors is imminent due to limited usage. Starting June 15, 2024, new connections cannot be created, while existing connections will not be updatable or manageable after August 1, 2024. With the feature being completely retired on the latter date, no new notifications will be received in existing configurations as well. Therefore, it is recommended to update training and documentation accordingly.

If you're an organization currently relying on Office 365 connectors to enhance your SharePoint Online experience, you should take note of these dates. While this retirement may not immediately impact your daily workflow, it's important to plan for and make the necessary adjustments to prevent disruption down the road. Review the source link for more information on how to be prepared for the upcoming changes.

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