OneDrive: Folder Backup for macOS

OneDrive: Folder Backup for macOS

OneDrive is set to introduce a Folder Backup feature for macOS. The feature allows end-user and admin to redirect their local macOS Desktop and Documents folder to OneDrive, hence delivering easy access to the content and protection desirability that comes with OneDrive. This feature is similar to the Folder Backup experience on Windows. It will be available via OneDrive Sync Settings with version 22.191 of Standalone OneDrive Sync client rolled out. This feature is set to rollout from mid-October to mid-November and requires macOS 12.1 Monterey or a later version of macOS to function.

If you're organization doesn't use macOS, you can disregard this message. Ensure that you enable the best plist entries for your workspace once the feature is rolled out. These entries include KFMOptInWithWizard, KFMSilentOptIn, KFMBlockOptIn, and KFMBlockOptOut.

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