Major Update to Stream Mobile App

Major Update to Stream Mobile App

Early October brings a completely rebuilt Stream mobile app for iOS and Android users, which gives them seamless access to Stream (Classic) and Stream (on SharePoint) videos, in addition to Teams meeting recordings. With the design fresh, personalized home feed, and rich video viewing experience, users can access the app conveniently. For those with the Stream mobile app installed on their devices, with automatic updates turned on, the rebuilt app will be updated automatically. However, for those with automatic updates turned off, they would need to update the app manually from the respective app/play store. Though lacking some features in the meantime - such as video recording, uploading, and offline downloads - the app is expected to roll out fully by mid-November, with a forced update by early 2023 for those who haven't yet updated. It's important to notify users of this new capability and update training and documentation if needed.

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