Intune support for the Microsoft Loop mobile app

Intune support for the Microsoft Loop mobile app

The Microsoft Loop app is a powerful co-creation tool that facilitates seamless collaboration between project team members across various apps and devices. Good news for Intune users: the Loop mobile app now supports Intune app protection policies on both iOS and Android, enhancing its security features. The update is available now, and starting in November, the Loop app can be targeted in the Intune console and added under All Apps or All Microsoft Apps. Users can install the app from the iOS App Store or Android Play Store. However, some features such as Certificate Pinning are not supported as yet.

To target a policy to only Loop, select the Select public apps option and choose Loop, or manually target it through the Intune console by choosing Selected apps in the Target policy to dropdown box and clicking on Select custom apps. This move empowers Intune users to protect their devices and data in accordance with their organization’s security and compliance policies. No preparation is required for this update, and to learn more on how to target apps with your app protection policy, instructions are available on the website.

Overall, this update enhances the security features of the Loop mobile app and improves protection policies which will help ensure that confidential data is kept safe and secure.

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