SharePoint: Improvements to the Page authoring experience

SharePoint: Improvements to the Page authoring experience

SharePoint's page authoring experience is getting a revamp, with a focus on streamlining the page creation process. The "add section" action will now be inline and visible on hover, reducing clutter and creating a more efficient canvas. Additionally, layout options will be surfaced in the web part toolbars. This update will be released in March CY2023, and will be available on the web platform and cloud instances for GCC, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), GCC High, and DoD. For those looking to keep track of this update, the roadmap ID is 117377 and the roadmap link is available on the Microsoft website.

If you use SharePoint to create and manage pages, this update is designed to enhance your authoring experience and help you create dynamic pages quickly and easily. Keep an eye out for this update in March CY2023.

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