SharePoint: Improving the Page Authoring Experience

SharePoint: Improving the Page Authoring Experience

If you're a SharePoint user, you'll be pleased to hear that Microsoft is releasing new improvements to the page authoring experience in late March through June. The updates promise to reduce clutter, increase productivity, and add value for users when editing a page. Specifically, the changes include:

- Surfacing the layout options in the web part toolbars, across different web parts like Quick Links, Events, People, Hero, News, and Title Region.

- Moving the “add section” action to be inline on canvas and visible on hover.

- Introducing a consolidated and enhanced Image web part toolbar.

- Adding new text overlay capabilities in the Image web part, such as changes to position, text size and styling, text box color and opacity, and image overlay color and transparency.

No action is required from users at this time, but the updates promise to streamline the editing and content creation experience in SharePoint, making it easier to generate and share content within your organization.

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