Accessibility Improvements to Page Authoring

Accessibility Improvements to Page Authoring

The Page authoring experience in SharePoint just became more accessible thanks to a couple of improvements implemented by Microsoft. Firstly, users are now able to mark images as decorative, eliminating the need to add an alt attribute for purely visual elements and improving accessibility for screen reader users. The second improvement ensures that heading level 1 is reserved solely for the page title in the title area, helping screen reader users to navigate the page more easily. These updates have already begun rollout for Targeted Release, with Standard Release set to follow in September 2023. To mark images as decorative, users can select a new toggle in the Accessibility section of the web part's property pane details. Headings can still be added to a page using levels 2-4, providing screen reader users with a clear understanding of a page's structure. There are no specific actions required on the part of users, but organizations may want to inform their users of these updates to improve their accessibility practices.

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