Safely bring AI chat to all using Microsoft Copilot with commercial data protection, plus new video

Safely bring AI chat to all using Microsoft Copilot with commercial data protection, plus new video

Microsoft Copilot with commercial data protection empowers organizations to safely use AI tools without compromising sensitive business data. Even if users are leveraging unsanctioned AI tools, Copilot ensures commercial data protection, making it possible for users to have the AI tools they need while also protecting sensitive data. With Copilot adoption, kit resources in nine languages, including training presentations, tip sheets, and more, users can optimize AI tools to manage complex questions, summarize content, create custom images, and access powerful AI tools to improve productivity and creativity.

A new Copilot explainer video is also available as part of Microsoft Build, providing clarity and explaining how users can work more efficiently with AI. Organizations can sign in and try Copilot today at copilot.microsoft.com, with added security capabilities when users access Copilot vis-à-vis the Microsoft Edge sidebar, which also offers controls for managing third-party AI services with Edge management service and new user features such as real-time AI-powered Workspaces and video translation.

According to the 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report by Microsoft and LinkedIn, AI has proliferated, with 75% of knowledge workers already using AI at work. This has resulted in a need for commercial data protection and innovative AI tools such as Copilot, with 90% of users reportedly saving time with AI and 84% attesting to its usefulness in increasing creativity.

The Copilot adoption kit is an excellent resource to jumpstart organizations' AI journey and assist users in making the most of AI at work.

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