Microsoft Viva Engage: Digest email will now have audience analytics

Microsoft Viva Engage: Digest email will now have audience analytics

Microsoft Viva Engage is introducing a new premium digest email feature that includes audience analytics for designated leaders and their delegates, allowing them to stay up-to-date on their activity with ease. This feature is exclusively available for those with a Microsoft Viva Suite or Microsoft Viva Employee Communications and Communities premium SKU.

This change will come into effect from mid-March 2024 and is expected to complete by late April 2024, and will only reflect in emails viewed through an interactive format in Outlook for the web or the New Outlook for Windows. It is noteworthy that leaders and delegates who use Outlook Mac, Outlook for Windows (32 bit), Outlook Mobile, and other clients will continue to see their personal analytics in the Engage digest email.

The new feature replaces the current personal analytics module in the email without admins needing to enable anything. Those who use non-premium Engage digest email will continue to see their personal analytics module.

Though the change requires action from users, they do not need to prepare anything in advance. They can be notified about the feature and any relevant documentation updated as appropriate by organizations. Learn more about Viva Engage Explained: Email Digests from the Microsoft Community Hub Message ID: MC724120.

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