Microsoft Teams: Change call queue and auto attendant greetings and announcements by authorized users

Microsoft Teams: Change call queue and auto attendant greetings and announcements by authorized users

Teams users now have the ability to adjust their call queue and auto attendant greetings and announcements on their own, without having to rely on the IT helpdesk for support. With the introduction of user-managed CQ/AA greetings, authorized users identified by Teams tenant admins can now make changes to their respective call queues and auto attendants directly from the Teams platform, providing a more efficient and streamlined experience.

This feature is especially useful for users who need to frequently change their greetings and announcements to adapt to changing environments. The new functionality helps to improve productivity, save time, and reduce the burden on IT support resources.

The product was released in the general availability phase and is available on desktop and cloud platforms worldwide for standard multi-tenant instances. The release date was in April CY2023 with roadmap ID 116739.

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