New Login Experience for Azure Subscriptions with az login

New Login Experience for Azure Subscriptions with az login

Logging into the wrong Azure subscription using the az login command is a common issue experienced by many users with multiple subscriptions. However, there is a new login experience that makes it easier to select the correct subscription. To use this feature, you must update your Azure CLI to version v2.61.0. After updating, running the az login command will show you a list of available subscriptions to choose from instead of logging into the default subscription. You can then select the subscription you want to log into or keep the default. The selected subscription becomes the default for the current session and can be changed by running the az login command again or using the az account set command. The new login experience reduces errors and confusion, saves time, and improves user experience by providing an interactive and intuitive way to choose subscriptions. For more information or to update your Azure CLI, visit the link provided.

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